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Welcome to the Michigan Muskie Alliance. Michigan Muskie Alliance (MMA) was established in early 2001 by a group of conservation-minded Muskie fishermen.

Welcome to Musky Clubs Alliance of Wisconsin | Musky Clubs Alliance of Wisconsin. Improving Muskellunge, Musky and Muskie Fishing in Wisconsin.

Tiger Muskellunge, commonly referred to as Tiger Musky (Muskie). is a sterile hybrid between a Northern Pike and a Muskellunge (Musky). – Utah Fishing Info.

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Headwaters Chapter of Muskies Inc. is a non profit musky fishing club dedicated to the sport of muskie fishing!

Throughout fishing history the muskellunge has been a trophy fish that is highly prized by any fisherman that is fortunate enough to land one. This species is native to many of the upper midwestern states and the central Canadian provinces.

Welcome to the 13 Fishing Shopatron Website. This site is powered by all the great Tackle Retailers that support 13 Fishing by stocking a selection of our products.

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Musky Trout Hatchery located in Asbury NJ. We hatch, grow, raise live trout for sales to private clubs, communities, fishing tournaments, lakes, ponds, and restraunts.

Fishing Leech Lake and Walker Minnesota for walleye, muskie, musky, northern pike, smallmouth bass, perch and a lot more. Fishing reports updated weekly.

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Fly fishing for muskie isn’t easy and may not be for everyone, an encounter with this toothy predator is an experience for all serious fly fishers.

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Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC provides a diverse line of quality fish at a competitive price. All fish sold by WLPR are health certified. When you order fish from us, they will be delivered directly from the hatchery to your lake or pond.

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