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Do they just feel like doing it or is it just a normal thing? We’ve spotted this team of Rugby mans out in the field absolutely naked… well for some of them.

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Most casting decisions are pretty straightforward — either a bunch of actors try out for a role and the most appealing one gets the part, or someone says, “Hey, Chris Pratt is hot right now; let’s throw him into whatever our next movie is.” But every now and then, a filmmaker really wants a

Some actors find themselves in the same oddly specific situations in different movies. Not because they’re typecast, but seemingly by pure coincidence.

Some hot pictures of actor Henry Cavill who currently plays Superman in the latest movies. He is a very handsome man, but also very muscled, hairy and …

once again: christina earned a nod in the “oustanding supporting actress in a drama series” category at the emmys!

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Biography: One of the most popular porn starlets of all time, Seka’s name is synonymous with 80’s porn. Seka’s a short-haired platinum blonde sex goddess who could perform any sex act with gusto and was able to raise temperatures with just a …

A delicious recipe for Fuck Me Hard, with vodka, Southern Comfort® peach liqueur, triple sec, amaretto almond liqueur, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice and orange juice.

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Biography: Peter North is a true porn legend in his own time, a man whose insatiable sexual appetites and knack for plentiful money shots has gotten him work in well over 1000 features since his 1985 debut.

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